PMPlayer 12.0.0

Versatile multimedia player to open all video sources including file, disc, url, webcam and other professional features

The Basic And Professional Features of PMPlayer:

- Play a various different types of media files (Video & Audio)

- Open DVD discs

- Open webcam

- Open local video & audio capture devices

- Open (connect) IP Cameras to capture and control

- Open various media URLs (http://, mms://, mmsh://, rtp://, rtsp://, udp://...)

- Open remote media files and play on the fly

- Introduce and support the Video Link Files (*.ivlf, *.uvlf, *.mvlf)

- Video recording tool (support several video format)

- Video converter tool

- Configurable video and audio settings

- Support several video renderers

- Support several video codecs

- Media integration

- Motion detection (usable for security purposes)

- Screen capture (and screen sharing)

- Media publishing (network streaming)

- Direct video call

- Direct video conference

- Subtitle and automatic subtitle translation

- Playlist

- And so on.

PMPlayer is simple, fast and powerful media player which

supports a various different types of media files on the-

MS Windows platform [O.S] ( on computers and tablets ).

PMPlayer is a versatile multimedia player, which can cover

different video sources on the local system, including files,

discs and other video capture devices such as webcam,

and it covers the network video sources including streams

and video devices such as IP Cameras ( through a URL ).

PMPlayer also includes several professional tools such as :

Media Publishing ( Network Streaming ), Direct Video Call,

Motion Detection, Video Converter and Recording Tools.

PMPlayer has introduced and supports 3 new file types

with title "Video Link Files" which provides a secure & fast-

way to video data transfer and media publishing for users.

PMPlayer also provides an attractive feature for uses who-

are interested in watching the foreign movides, with title :

"Automatic Subtitle Translation", (a real-time translation).

PMPlayer supports high resolution movies with best quality

and it supports all the popular Codec (and video decoders)

such as ffdshow, LAV filters and MPC-HC standalone filters.

PMPlayer also has the ability to adjust and use several-

different Video Renderers such as EVR, VMR9 and so on.



PMPlayer 12.0.0

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